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    ALSAVO PX V Pool Heat Pump 11-30KW For Large Swimming Pools

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    • Custom-designed for large swimming pools
    • ASA cover + Aluminum
    • Twisted spiral titanium heat exchanger
    • Three heating modes are available
    • Super efficiency, C.O.P up to 16
    • R32 ECO-friendly refrigerant
    • Whisper quiet 39~45 dB(A)
    • Working temperature -12 °C ~43°C
    • Auto-defrost
    • Built-in WIFI
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    ALSAVO PX V Pool Heat Pump 11-30KW For Large Swimming Pools

    4 -season operation Auto-defrost

    Turo fast heating with extra 20% capacity, optimized for the cold season down to -20℃.

    Touch to control Built-in Wi-Fi

    Easy to set up the desired temperature,
    time and check data.Control your pool heat pump
    whenever and wherever through app.

    Whisper quiet

    Sound pressure down to 39 dB(A),
    very friendly to your neighbour.

    Cold-resistant material

    Chemically resistant and ultra-strength corrosion resistance. Anti-rust ASA + Aluminum.


    Low energy consumption ,
    C.O.P up to 16, save more bills for you.

    INVERBOOST Technlogy

    INVERPAC's compressor is a compressorspecially for air energy, which can provide a steady power supply.

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