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    Wire Crimping Tool Set with Assorted Electrical Connectors and Terminals

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    Model Number: SN-02C

    Type: Mini Pliers

    Material: Carbon Steel

    Application: Crimping

    Features: Mini

    Handle Style: Straight

    DIY Supplies: ELECTRICAL

    Wire Crimping Tool Kit AWG 23-13 280 PCS Insulated Wire Electrical Connectors - Butt, Ring, Spade, Quick Disconnect - Crimp Terminals Cable Lugs Assortment Kit Wire Crimp Set

    [Quality Material]: This crimping pliers is made of high-quality industrial-grade high-strength carbon steel and 280Pcs High quality Insulated Wiring Terminals Wire Connectors.

    [Crimps Range:]: 0.25-2.5MM⊃2;(AWG23-13)

    [Comfortable ]: The handle is ergonomically designed to provide maximum comfort and reduce hand fatigue. The padded non-slip handle is designed to ensure a firm grip in all situations.

    [Precision ratchet structure]: The ratchet structure can be used to fix the wire connector. The star wheel adjuster can adjust the crimping height according to your crimping project to ensure the correct crimping force. There is a quick release lever inside the handle to open the jaws.

    [Appcation]: It can be used for household appliance repair, circuit repair, circuit connection of vehicles and ships, and all aspects of circuit connection.

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    Wire Crimping Tool Set with Assorted Electrical Connectors and Terminals

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    alan moody
    No crimping tool

    Why advertise and not fulfil.


    The crimping pliers are quite heavy, giving off a high-quality impression. The included sleeves can be crimped immediately. If the pliers accidentally close too tightly around the sleeve before inserting the wire, the easily accessible release mechanism will open the pliers. Due to the clear color scheme of the pliers and sleeves, it's easy to distinguish, even for beginners.