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    Wall Stove-(Adjustable 1200W Quartz Infrared Heater, Indoor/Outdoor, Installation Kit)

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    Step into a bathroom transformed by the gentle embrace of an Infrared Wall Heater. The intuitive handle switch offers immediate comfort at your fingertips, with two distinct power settings to choose from, allowing you to create your ideal warmth. The adjustable tilt feature ensures the heat is just where you need it, making those first chilly moments of the day a pleasure rather than a shock to the system.

    Instant Comfort - The Wall Heater's handle switch is designed for immediate responsiveness, delivering warmth with the simple flip of a switch. This feature is perfect for those seeking instant comfort in their bathroom, ensuring that the chill is vanquished as soon as you step in.
    Adjustable Heat Settings - Offering dual power settings, this heater allows you to select the perfect level of warmth for any given moment. Whether you prefer a gentle glow or a robust heat, the adjustable settings accommodate your personal preferences, enhancing your comfort.
    Directional Heating - The adjustable tilt of the heater ensures that the heat is directed exactly where you want it. This thoughtful feature provides focused warmth, making your bathroom a sanctuary of warmth that you control.
    Year-Round Efficiency - With efficient quartz heating elements, this Wall Heater is an energy-effective solution for year-round use. It's ideal for warming up your space during those transitional seasons when you need a little extra warmth but not full heating.

    Heating Element: Quartz
    Model Number: 4927
    Area Heated: 20㎡
    Voltage (V): 240V
    Application: 10㎡
    Number of Speed Settings: Second Gear
    Origin: ES(Origin)
    Electric Heater Type: Infrared Heater
    Power: 1200-2000W
    Color: Gray Metallic
    Energy: 220-240 V ~ 50/60Hz
    Measures: 54*15,0*11,4 cm
    Weight: 1,15 Kgr
    Power One: 600W
    Power two: 1200W
    Cable length: 100 cm
    Accessories: Assembly Kit
    Screws: 4
    Cleats: 4

    -Easy and comfortable switch actuated by handle
    -2 independent quartz elements
    -2 power programs
    -Adjustable inclination
    -Installation Kit included

    -220-240 V ~ 50/60Hz
    -Measures: 54*15,0*11,4 cm
    -Product weight: 1,15 Kgr
    -2 power programs
    Power 1 600W
    Power 2 1200W
    -Cable length: 110 cm
    -Accessories: assembly Kit (4 screws + 4 screw studs)

    Package list:
    1 * Wall Stove Kit

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    Wall Stove-(Adjustable 1200W Quartz Infrared Heater, Indoor/Outdoor, Installation Kit)

    €32,19 EUR

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